As Nişantaşı Hospital Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery department, we transform our experience and skills to art in accordance with science at the center of aesthetics Nişantaşı. Working in a patient centric way and aiming for complete patient satisfaction, we continue to follow each patient operated by our experienced specialist surgeons.Patients are hospitalized in the comfort of a hotel room and offered personalized service in one of our 27 rooms, which 23 are suite. Nişantaşı Hospital is one of the leading healthcare providers with it’s world standard quality and boutique service.
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Achieve the Body of Your Dream at Istanbul’s Aesthetics Center
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*7 days plan including operation, discharge and control procedures.
FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction

Natural, Appropriate and Painless Nose Aesthetics

With the right application, you can correct any shape deformities and achieve the best nose for you.

With computarized systems, patients are able to see how their new nose will look after the procedure.

The operation approximately takes 3 hours, and patients are hospitalized for the first night. In about 1 month, patients can get back to their social lives with comfort.

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DHI: Direct Hair Implantation

It is a practical surgical procedure that is applied on the cheeks. It provides patients with better facial contours and a more aesthetic look. You can achieve the face you desire with this operation that removes the fat inside the cheeks. Results can be seen best between 15-30 days. Once the healing is completed, patient can get back to their lives with a younger and more aesthetic look.

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FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction

Look the Age You Feel

Face and Neck lift surgery is among the operations that provide the best results.

Methods used depend on each patients features. Many factors such as overall health, smoking, age, sex, skin and bones have a role on deciding the method. Along with these in some patients the procedure can be combined with other operations such as eyebrow lift, eyelid and chin operations..

The procedure approximately takes 4-6 hours, and it is normal fort he face to get swollen during the first 3 days. In about 2-3 weeks, patients can get back to their social lives comfortably.

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Saç Mezoterapisi

Achieve the Measurements of your Dreams

Breast Augmentation; with this procedure, patients who have small, stretched breasts or who lost the volume for various reasons can achieve the breasts they want. Assymetry and shape deformities can also be fixed with the operation. The purpose is the achieve the desired shape and size while maintaining the natural look. Implants are placed under the muscle tissue. There are many factors that have an impact on the results such as the shape, size, fat tissue and the location of the nipple. That’s why each patient should be examined and treated individually.

Breast Lifting: On an aesthetic breast, the nipple should be above the folding line of the breasts. If the nipple is at the level or below the folding line, it can be said that the patient’s breasts are stretched. Breast lifting can help patients with this condition. If the nipples are facing down, it is an advanced case that can be treated with the same operation.

Breast Reduction; procedure is commonly chosen for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Breasts that are too big may cause back and neck pain, kyphosis, bad posture and even breathing problems. Along with health problems, the appearance of very big breasts might affect the social life and psychology of the patient.

After breast surgeries, patients are hospitalized for 1 night, and can get back to their social lives between 3-7 days.

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FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction

Get Rid of Excess Fat on Targeted Areas with Vaser Liposuction

Liposuction is a surgical method that is used for removing fat tissues that don’t respond to diet and exercise. It can be applied on many parts of the body such as the abdomen, back, legs, neck etc. and it provides better body contours. Liposuction is not a weight loss treatment, but a body reshaping procedure.

Liposuction can be done under local anesthesia. In only 3-4 days patients can get back to work and in 2 weeks they can get back to their social lives.

The operation is done from an incision of only a few milimeters, and leave almost no scar at all.

Aplication Areas;

Women; Men;
• Abdomen Waist
• Waist Abdomen
• Hips Jawl
• Thighs
• Inner Legs
• Jawl
• Armpits
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FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction

The skin of the abdomen area can be stretched due to various reasons such as losing weight and pregnancy. Abdominoplasty operation is the only way of getting rid of the excess skin. It is an individualized operation since physical features of every patient is different. The operation takes about 2-3 hours, and 1 night of hospitalization is needed. Patients can get back to their social lives in 7 days. The abdomen and the waist should be supported with a special corset after the operation.

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FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction

Aesthetic hips are very important for many people, specially for women. There are many reasons that cause hips to get flat and the skin to stretch. The purpose of this operation is to lift and grew the hips. Common causes that affect the appearance of the hips are muscle loss due to a trauma, losing significant weight and birth deformations.

• Aquafilling Non Surgical Butt Lift – Filling Procedure for the Hips

• Fat Injection to Butt

* Without any surgery, you can achieve the brazilian butt in about 30 minutes and resume your daily life on the same day.

* Since the procedure is performed with a very thin canula it leaves no scar. There will be no change in sensation.

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FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction

It is an operation where the excess fat at and around the lower abdomen and hips is removed, the muscles are thightened and the excess skin is taken. Most of the time it is preffered to reshape the body after a weight loss treatment or operation. It is not a weight loss operation and patient’s BMI should be 30 or below to be suitable for the operation. 2 nights of hospitalization is required after the procedure, and patients can get back to their social lives in 7 days. A special surgical corset is given to the patients to be worn 4-6 weeks.

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FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction

Patients who experience physical pr psychological discomfort can benefit from genital aesthetic procedures such as inner lips reduction, thightening, shape deformities, age related wrinkles etc. Our applications include;


It is an aesthetic procedure applied on the tiny lips at the entrance of vagina, called labium. Stretched labiums cause an unpleasing appearance as well as increased risk of infection. With this operation, big and stretched labiums are reconstructed. Patients should be careful of hygiene after the operation and avoid activities such as swimming for 4 weeks. Also, activities that might stretch the operation area such as gymnastics or yoga should be avoided for 4 weeks too. Stitches dissolve on their own and leave no scars. Patients are hospitalized for 1 night after the operation.


Vaginoplasty is the operation of thightening vaginas that are stretched and loose. During the procedure, extra skin is removed and the tissues are thightened to create a narrower vagina. The operation is performed under general anesthesia and doesn’t leave any scars. Patients are hospitalized for 1 night. Patients recover in about 3 weeks and can get back to their daily lives. During the recovery period recommendations of the doctor should be followed and good hygiene should be maintained.

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FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction

Head to Toe Beauty with Combined Aesthetic Operations

Sometimes combining aesthetic procedures and performing them at the same time can provide better results. Aesthetic procedures may need combination or can be combined upon patient’s request. Combined cases provide integrity, price advantages and less recovery time since the procedures are performed at the same time.

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Applications in our Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Center
• Aesthetic and functional nose correction (Rhinoplasty, Septorhinoplasty) • Face renewal (Face lift – eyelids and cheek revisions, wrinkles treatment) • Endoscopic face-forearm lift, eyebrow lift • Eyelid aesthetics (Blepharoplasty) • Prominent ear correction and correction of other ear related problems • Chin augmentation or reduction (Mentoplasty) • Breast augmentation, reduction and lifting • Excess fat and skin removal (Vaser Liposuction – Lipectomy) • Abdomen thightening (Abdominoplasty)) • Leg contour correction (fat removal, injections and leg implants) • Contour corrections with implants (Hips, thighs, breast, legs etc.) • Non surgical butt lift with Aquafilling

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Number of patients who had plastic surgeries in the last year: 2000 people
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