360 body lift – post-bariatric surgery, which is also known as body contouring, is applied for patients who experienced undesired sagging and deformations due to rapid weight loss. We carry out these applications progressively according to the status of our patients. We apply post-bariatric surgery firstly in the waist area, abdomen area and the genital area where sagging is excessively experienced due to weight loss. The name of the application we make in these regions can be called as belt lipectomy. After this application, we apply our other session approximately 5 months later by considering the health status of the patient. In our second session, we ensure that the sags that occur in the arms are shaped. In addition, we can deal with the sagging of the breasts in this session. This operation procedure can performe to correct sagging and deformities of the body after the weakening of the body with the mass index exceeding certain rates. The patient can return to normal daily life 7-10 days after the postbariatric surgery.