Breast lift is one of the cosmetic surgical procedures performed for the lifting of saggy breasts. Thanks to the fact that it’s an operation which can be performed at any age, it is quite preferred. Another name for breast lift is mastopexy.

It is a technique used to lift the breasts. It is effective in bringing a new form to breast tissue. Sagging of the breasts can occur for many different reasons. Ageing is one of the most effective ones among them.

At the same time, sagging can also occur due to weight gain and loss. In case of sagging due to these and similar reasons, it can be ensured to eliminate sagging by a breast lift. Sagging seems to be disturbing for many individuals. Thanks to its easy removal by a cosmetic surgery, it is no longer an important problem. At the same time, the healing process is also fast.

Why Do Breasts Sag?

There are multiple situations which causes breasts to sag. One of the most important reasons for this condition is ageing. Due to ageing, sagging occurs in your breast structure and your breasts get a downward shape. Sagging is also extremely common in people who frequently gain and lose weight.

It is also a condition that may occur due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Another reason may be the surgeries performed. For example, people who have undergone sleeve gastrectomy surgery may experience sagging after this procedure. Another reason is the bra use.

The wrong choice of bra can often be discomforting for women and cause breasts to sag. Usually, this is the main factor that leads to sagging of the breasts.

Who May Get a Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift surgery, as its name suggests, is a cosmetic surgery procedure which is applied to people who want their breasts to be more upright. This surgery can be performed for people who think there is a volume loss and sagging in their breasts. It is also done in case the nipples and papilla are downward.

Also, if one breast is more saggy than the other, the breast lift surgery can be performed. It is also a cosmetic surgery procedure applied on people whose breasts have a longer appearance than usual. Sagging occurs frequently in people who lose weight after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. It is also possible to perform surgery in people who want to remove this sagging.

Classification of Breast Sagging

Sagging which occurs on the breasts may be at different levels. You will be examined in your visit to your doctor. After this examination, the level of sagging is determined. Then, sagging is corrected by deciding the appropriate method.

This is called stage 1 if the nipple is a little below the inframammary line. In this context, it can be easily removed in a short time with breast lift surgery.

If the nipple is 1 to 3 cm below the inframammary folding line, there is a stage 2 sagging condition. Finally, if the nipple is below the inframammary folding line less than 3 cm, stage 3 sagging is present.

Breast Lift Surgery Techniques

There are different techniques used in breast lift. First of all, if there is a mild sagging, surgery is performed by carrying out a reconstruction from the nipple. If there is a moderate sagging, a lollipop shaped reconstruction technique is used.

In addition, in severe sagging, reverse T-shaped reconstruction is performed. With these three techniques, it is possible to successfully perform the lift. The most appropriate technique according to the degree of sagging is determined by the specialist doctor. In all techniques, the healing process takes place quickly and effortlessly.

Healing Process of Breast Lift Surgery

One of the issues, that people who want their breasts to be more upright are most curious about, is how long it takes to recover after surgery. Also, how this process has passed is an important issue. It is normal to have bruises and swelling after surgery. Reducing arm movements in the first week makes healing easier.

  1. There is no harm in showering after day 4. At the same time, a period of 5 to 7 days is enough for you to return back to your daily life. It is also important not to lie on the breast in the first month. It takes six weeks to have a swim.

Athletes can resume their sports activities after the 3rd month. In this context, this is the healing process after a breast lift surgery.

Preparation for Breast Lift Operation

Before the operation, some controls are performed by the specialist doctor and you are informed about what to be careful about. Primarily, mammography and breast ultrasound are done. If you also use blood thinning drugs, they should be discontinued at least 7 days in advance. Smoking should also be quitted at least three days before surgery.

It is also important not to wear make-up before surgery. In addition to this, eating and drinking should be stopped 6 hours in advance. It is important to be in the hospital a few hours before the operation to carry out the necessary controls and tests. You may be asked to take a shower with disinfectant soap at night before the operation.

What Is the Age Limit for Breast Lift Surgery?

The minimum age limit for breast lift surgery is 18. Breast development in women is completed generally at this age. After this age, you can have the surgery whenever you wish. However, it should be indicated that the results may be negatively affected due to issues like weight gain and loss in the future.

At the same time, pregnancy stands out as an issue which affects the results of surgery. If you plan to have more than one child, you should decide accordingly. In such cases, there is a possibility of occurrence of deformation. You can get information about the necessary issues by talking to your doctor and you may decide on the surgery.

Can Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation Be Done Together?

People who want their breasts to have a better appearance prefer various aesthetic applications in this regard. One of the most asked questions is whether both the lift and augmentation surgeries can be done together.

With only the breast lift, some people may not get the look they want. At this point, breast augmentation surgery can be performed alongside the breast lift surgery. In other words, volume is gained with the implant while having more upright breasts. Thus, it is possible to have both plump and more upright breasts.

Use of Protective Bra After Breast Lift

Bras are quite important for breasts. They are useful in everyday life when the person feels more comfortable and the breasts appear more round. Also, they can be used to experience the healing process better after the breast lift surgery. Protective bra models are very effective when it comes to faster recovery.

They also help patients in reducing oedema. Using a corset for about 3 weeks is useful in the healing process. In this way, the use of protective bras and corsets after breast lift surgery is indicated by doctors as beneficial.

Does SSI Cover Breast Lift Surgery?

People who will have breast lift surgery may wonder whether this surgery will be covered by the insurance they have. First of all, it should be indicated that any cosmetic surgery will not be covered by state or insurance. At this point, breast lift surgery is also not covered by SSI because it is in the category of cosmetic surgery procedure.

At the same time, private insurances do not cover this surgery. In other words, the patient has to pay for the surgery by his/her own money. The fee you have to pay for the surgery varies depending on a number of factors. Regardless of whether it is low or high, the price is not covered by SSI or private insurance.

Can I Breastfeed After a Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift surgery is performed by many people. At this point, one of the issues that women are most curious about is breastfeeding. People who have children wonder whether they can breastfeed their children after this procedure if they have breast lift surgery. In order to breastfeed, the milk ducts and mammary gland must be undamaged.

For this purpose, it is important to protect the specified elements. In this context, this is one of the issues to be considered when performing a breast lift surgery. During surgery, milk ducts are protected as one piece and are not damaged. Thus, no problems with breastfeeding occur after surgery. After surgery, patients can breastfeed easily.

Will My Breast Size Change in Breast Lift?

The main reason why people who want to lift their breasts perform this procedure is because they want to have better-looking breasts. At this point, it is curious whether the breast size will change with the lift. It should be indicated that only the lifting process does not have a significant effect on sizes. This procedure ensures a more upright and more beautiful appearance.

It can make breasts look rounder and more plump inside the bra. However, for a fully noticeable change in size, breast augmentation can be peformed together with this surgery. Thus, it becomes possible to have both more upright and plump breasts.

Is Breast Lift Without Surgery Possible?

People who want their breasts to be more upright wonder if this is possible without surgery. It is known that many people in particular think that by exercising, they will have more upright breasts. But this is a misconception. Making breasts more upright by exercising is out of question. The reason for breast sagging is the loosening of the breast ligaments. The only thing that can be done to improve the loose breast ligaments is surgery.

There is no such thing as a breast lift which uses different methods without performing surgery. The only option is to have more upright breasts with comfortable and easy-to-apply breast lift surgery techniques.

Will There Be Numbness After Breast Lift?

Numbness is a normal condition in people who have surgery. This condition usually occurs in the first 6 weeks after surgery. One of the most common conditions is the occurrence of numbness on the nipple.

Also, a loss of sensation may occur in the lower part of the breast. At this point, certainly you don’t have to worry. Because the state of numbness is temporary. The level of sensation will return to its normal level over time. So, as one can see, temporary loss of sensation after surgery is a normal thing and the patient does not need to worry.

2022 Breast Lift Surgery Price

The price, that the people who want to have breast lift surgery should pay, varies. The exact kind of operation to be performed is one of the main factors at this point. At the same time; the size of the breasts, other procedures to be performed together with the lift are among the factors which affect the price. The technique of application is also used to determine fees.

Therefore, for 2022 breast lift surgery prices, you may see a specialist doctor first and then get the price information for the surgery.