After a detailed examination, appropriate measurements are made and the operation is planned according to the symptoms of the examination in parallel to the patient’s demands. At this stage, the operation to be performed is explained to the patient through markings in detail and kind of interventions in described areas are decided. In general, in the treatment of patients who demand butt enlargement or ptosis process, two options happen to exist. The first one is fat injection to the butt, the other is the enlargement of the butt with the help of the implant (silicone).

In butt aesthetic surgeries, traditional applications focus on soft tissue and use fat transfer method. In patients who are planned to be enlarge with fat injection, after the fat tissue collected from the entire body with the help of liposuction, it is given back to the desired area of the butt with the help of cannulas. Since there is no incision in the fat transfer process, it has less risk than silicone applications.

For patients who require enlargement by prosthesis, prosthesis at suitable dimensions are inserted into pouchs prepared by the help of a incision at tailend location. In addition, in patients with local collapse or cellulite appearance, superficial liposuction and fat injection applications will provide the desired result.

Silicones are generally not deeply inserted into the tissue and are less risky for potential complications to occur. On the other hand, especially for the 1-2 months after butt aesthetics operation it is recommended to wear special protective clothes and avoid heavy exercises.

Complete recovery after these operations may take 6-8 weeks.

After the surgery

In spite of general opinion, butt aesthetics surgery is not a painful operation. In addition, painkillers that will be given after the operation will reduce your complaints substantially. There is no obstacle that prevents you from lying on your back and sitting after the operation.

Patients who stayed in the hospital for 1 night after the surgery are discharged the next day. From the fourth day on, patients can bathe and  from the 7th day on they can go back to their social life.