Obesity is a situation that advances in time and threathens the patients life.It reduces the life span by characterizing with excess fat accumulation. When the patients weight reaches to extreme levels, it is called MORBİD OBESİTY. It is a situation that causes countless medical, psychologic and social problems.

It is easy to learn is a person is obese or not. Anybody with a Body Mass Index (BMI) above 30 is considered obese.


“Obesity shouldn’t only be seen as an aesthetic problem”

Obesity is rarely a physiological problem. It can cause lethal complications if left untreated. Some of the diseases related to obesity are:

• Type 2 Diabetes
• Heart Disease
• Hypertensione
• Hypercholesteramia
• Joint pain / Osteoarthritis / Gout
• Respiratory Problems
• Gastroesophageal Reflux
• Infertility
• Some cancers
• Depression

“Obesity is the second preventable death cause after smoking” – World Health Organization


You should know that obesity is not your destiny and you need to get rid of your excess weight.

“Don’t carry weights you can’t stand”

As Nişantaşı Hospital, we follow our patients for all their lives in addition to providing surgical treatments approved by the World Health Organization. In this process our expert team of Dietitians, General Surgeons, Endoocrinologists, Psychologists, Cardiologists and Bariatric Surgeons accompnay our patients in order to treat and prevent obesity and diseases related to it. Following our obesity management for life policy, we follow our patients’ diet, situation and progress through periodic examinations.