What is Cosmetic Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)?

Cosmetic nose surgery, which is performed to people who want to change the shape of their noses, is an aesthetic surgery. If you are unhappy with your nose, you can have a nose which looks aesthetically better with this surgery. Regardless of whether they are male or female, this surgery, which is under the category of cosmetic surgeries, can be performed on anyone.

Today, it is a highly preferred operation. It presents successful results in many people and makes them satisfied. Once it is decided whether the individuals are suitable for the operation, the operation can be performed. In this sense, cosmetic nose surgery provides a more aesthetic appearance.

Who Are Eligible for Cosmetic Nose Surgery?

People should be checked in terms of their eligibility for this operation. The health status of some people is not suitable for such an aesthetic procedure. People who meet certain criteria can have this operation performed without any problems. First of all, to be at least 18 years old is a requirement for men. For women, this limit is 16 years.

Besides the age limit, the health status of the person is also a very important criterion. It is possible for people with eligible health conditions to get rhinoplasty. The doctor, who will help you with this issue, will decide whether your health condition is eligible.

How to Perform Cosmetic Nose Surgery?

Rhinoplasty is usually an operation which is performed by applying general anesthesia. Rarely, it’s also performed under local anaesthesia. The method to do it is decided by doctors. There are different methods, namely open and closed methods.

In the open method, it is possible to work in a more comfortable and effective way. In closed surgery, the procedure is performed by entering through the nostrils without making external incision to the nose. Although it is comfortable, it is not a preferred method for serious interventions. After the examination, the appropriate method is preferred depending on what kind of nose you want to have.

Preparations Before Cosmetic Nose Surgery

It is important to make the necessary preparations before the cosmetic surgery. Whether there are any disorders or obstacles are detected by health screening. If a surgical procedure had been performed on your nose previously, you should share it with your doctor.

Also, it is important that you provide accurate and complete information about the drugs you use. There may be drugs which are requested to be discontinued by the doctor before the surgery. Blood thinning drugs should be quitted at least 10 days in advance. From three weeks in advance, you should also quit smoking.

What to Know After Cosmetic Nose Surgery?

After cosmetic nose surgery, the patient needs to know some points and pay attention to certain factors. Primarily, tampons applied during surgery should remain for the period indicated by the doctors and should be removed by the doctor.

After the surgery, a slight burning sensation may occur. At the same time, there happens to be mild pains. Painkillers are given to relieve these pains. Mild bloody discharges from the nose are also among the normal postoperative effects. It is necessary to wait 4 hours for food intake and 3 hours for fluid intake once the operation ends.

It is also important to avoid extremely hot drinks. It is also important to pay attention to the issues of not blowing one’s nose and so on for a certain period of time. Your doctor will give you information about everything before and after the surgery.

Is a Nasal Tampon Placed in Cosmetic Nose Surgery?

Nasal tampons are usually used for the people who have cosmetic surgery on their noses. Many patients may feel anxious about surgery because of tampons. Breathing may become more difficult due to tampons. Also, pain may be experienced during the removal of tampons.

As such, these tampons are used in order to avoid blood clots during cosmetic nose surgery. They are useful products to prevent the problems of blood clot formation and swelling of the nose.

When Does the Patient Be Discharged?

Rhinoplasty is not a difficult-to-perform surgery. However, it should be noted that the patients should be acting quite carefully after the surgery. After the operation, the patient should stay in the hospital for 1 or 2 days. Again, the doctors who are specialists in their fields shall decide how long the stay will be. Because the next few days after the surgery are important.

For the protection of the patient’s nose, he/she is asked to stay in the hospital. Also, the discharge period is 1 to 2 days due to nutrition. During your hospital stay, liquid foods are provided to you for your nutrition. At the same time, it is also necessary to stay in the hospital in order to immediately respond to various complications which may occur after the surgery.

Will There Be a Lot of Post-Surgery Pain for The Patient? Will There Be Bruises or Swelling?

One of the issues, which people that will get cosmetic surgery are most curious and worried about, is whether there will be a lot of pain after the procedure. It is very normal for the patient to have pain after the cosmetic surgery. However, severe pain is out of question. Also, medication is prescribed by the doctor in order to make the process more comfortable.

Bruises and swellings are also highly normal conditions which are expected to appear after surgery. Usually, the bruises that appear after cosmetic nose surgery heal quickly. The healing of swellings happens more slowly than bruises.

Under What Conditions Should Cosmetic Nose Surgery Be Performed?

Cosmetic nose surgery can be performed at any time whenever the person wants his/her nose to look better. Of course, as aforementioned, the health condition of the person should not pose an obstacle. In general, however, it can be performed in cases such as having an aquiline nose, that the person has a larger or smaller nose compared to his/her face, that there is nasal concha.

At the same time; cosmetic surgery is also required in cases such as having a crooked nose, possessing a deformed nose tip, having any nasal problems which prevent the person from breathing, and a fallen nose tip. It is an operation which can be performed both for visual and health purposes.

Is There an Age Limit for Cosmetic Nose Surgery?

It is very natural to have an age limit in surgical procedures performed in the field of healthcare. It is possible to perform this cosmetic surgery on every adult person. While the age limit is 18 for men, it is 16 for women. The upper age limit does not exist. If there is no condition which prevents the person from having a cosmetic nose surgery, the patient can get surgery any time.

In the pre-surgical interview with the doctor, information about the patient is obtained and the required checks are made. Thus, if the health conditions of men over 18 years and women over 16 years are eligible, the cosmetic surgery can be performed.

What Are the Types of Cosmetic Nose Surgery?

For people who want to have cosmetic nose surgery, there is not a single surgical technique. There are multiple methods. The most appropriate method will be decided by your doctor. In general, the types of surgeries can be shown as follows:

  • Complicated Rhinoplasty
  • Primary Rhinoplasty
  • Septorhinoplasty
  • Septoplasty
  • Tipplasty
  • Concha Surgery

It is possible to perform the surgery in different ways with these methods. You can get detailed information about which technique to use when you contact your doctor.

What Is the Healing Process After Cosmetic Nose Surgery?

The healing process is very important for the people who will get cosmetic surgery. If you follow the advices and instructions offered to you by your doctor, it is possible to experience a successful healing process. In order the process to be comfortable and quick, this is extremely important. First of all, swelling and bruises appear temporarily and these are extremely normal.

After surgery, you need to pay attention to get rest and avoid things such as standing too much and moving a lot. In this regard, during the healing process after cosmetic nose surgery, the patient should be fed with fluid for the first few days. Being fed with liquid and soft things for 2 weeks provides a faster recovery. At the same time, you should not avoid your controls.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cosmetic Nose Surgery

Anyone who wants to have a more characteristic appearing nose has the right to have cosmetic surgery. However, there should be no obstacles in his/her health condition. People may be curious about various questions while having similar cosmetic surgeries.

The questions on cosmetic nose surgery of which people are curious are answered by the doctors who are specialists in their fields. You can always get help from your doctor regarding the issues and questions you have in your mind about the surgery. In general, in answers to frequently asked questions, you may find what you’re looking for.

Can Different Operations Be Performed Together With Cosmetic Nose Surgery?

One of the most common questions that comes to the mind of people who want to have cosmetic surgery is whether another operation is possible while getting a cosmetic nose surgery. It should be pointed out that the answer to this question varies depending on what kind of operation is requested. First of all, not only a beautiful appearance is given to the nose when performing cosmetic nose surgery.

At the same time, it is possible to perform the procedure if there is an adverse condition which affects the health. There is the possibility of intervening in more than one issue while performing a single surgical operation. You can talk to your doctor about your current problems and wishes and ensure that the procedures you want to be performed are carried out.

Can Breathing Problem Be Eliminated After Cosmetic Nose Surgery?

Breathing problems are major problems which occur in many people. They affect both the quality of life and they can be very annoying. At this point, people who want to have cosmetic surgery wonder if the problem of breathing can be solved after cosmetic nose surgery. I

f it is requested to eliminate the health problems while performing a procedure for the existing nasal deformities, this problem disappears. Problems which prevent you from breathing are fixed during cosmetic surgery. In this way, the breathing problem is resolved.

Does Insurance Cover Cosmetic Nose Surgeries?

This can be shown as one of the most frequently asked questions about cosmetic nose surgery. People who want to have cosmetic surgery want to know if the insurance covers the price of the surgery. It should be noted that the insurance status varies when it comes to cosmetic nose surgery. If the patient gets this procedure for health purposes, it is possible to be covered by the insurance.

In other words, if there is a condition that has a adverse effect on health and needs to be removed with a nose surgery, it can be covered by insurance. However, if the procedure is to be performed with regards to the patient’s concerns on beauty, the cost of surgery is not covered by the insurance at this point. So, any surgery, which is performed for aesthetic purposes only, will not be covered by the insurance.

Why Is Facial Analysis Required in Cosmetic Nose Surgery?

Facial analysis of the people, who will have cosmetic nose surgery, is performed. This is to ensure that the type of nose which best suits the person is determined. The nose which is suitable for the facial structure of each person is not the same. You may have an aesthetic which is both beautiful and glorified thanks to facial analysis.

This is why facial analysis is necessary in cosmetic nose surgery. Criteria such as the facial structure and gender are among the factors which are important in determining the appropriate nose type.

2022 Cosmetic Nose Surgery Prices

It is possible to perform different operations in cosmetic nose surgery. People are curious about cosmetic surgery prices at this point. It should be indicated that each person may have a different type of nose. Thus, the prices vary.

After the meeting that you make with your doctor, the appropriate nose type and the price of cosmetic surgery will be determined. Therefore, you can find out the prices of cosmetic nose surgery by contacting to your doctor.